DDF Advanced Eye Firming Concentrate
Dr. Sobel's Advanced formula contains the breakthrough Turmeric Complex that hydrates, nourishes and tightens skin for a lifted appearance.
DDF Advanced Micro-Exfoliation Cleanser
Sloughing off dead surface skin cells to reveal new skin is a must in any skincare regime. Too harsh and your skin gets irritated, too soft and you’re not getting the needed results. This ultra hydrating, creamy, glycerin-based cleanser gently exfoliates with natural rice bran particles to reveal fresh new skin. Improves skin hydration up to 3 hours after cleansing alone!

same great formula in a new travel size!

DDF Advanced Firming Cream
Restore a youthful appearance at any age by repairing damage at the skin’s surface. This nighttime age reversing cream provides nutrients and skin conditioning properties to help turn back the damage that time has left behind.
DDF Advanced Moisture Defense Cream with Sunscreen Broa...
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Advanced formula contains the breakthrough Turmeric Complex that hydrates to firm and tighten, provides antioxidant protection for the moisture barrier and promotes rapid cell turnover to help reverse the appearance of aging.
DDF Youthful Restoration
Value Kit
Ideal for Deep Lines & Wrinkles and Loss of Elasticity, these powerful advanced formulas are perfect for improved elasticity and a more youthful contoured look. a $180.00 VALUE
DDF Micro-Derma Crystals Polishing Gel
Restore a youthful appearance at any age by repairing damage at the skin’s surface. Inspired by an in-office microdermabrasion treatment, this self-warming formula uses an exothermic reaction to help open pores, exfoliate dead skin cells and clear debris to even skin tone and texture.
DDF Pro-Retinol Complex 3 Moisturizer
A RE-vitalizing, RE-texturizing & RE-storing moisturizer that harnesses the power of Retinol, Vitamin C and Niacinamide (B3) to help minimize the appearance of lines & wrinkles, even skin tone and provide a healthy youthful glow.
Wrinkle Relax All-Over Line Smoother
This targeted serum contains a state-of-the art combination of peptides and high performance botanicals formulated to create instant and long term wrinkle smoothing results.
DDF Doctor's Bag Value Set
This collection of Dr. Sobel’s targeted treatments is designed to minimize fine lines & wrinkles and improve skin’s texture for a more healthy, youthful look. Includes the new WRINKLE RELAX ALL-OVER LINE SMOOTHER. a $103.00 TOTAL VALUE

Relax & Resist Online Only Bundle
Was $120.00 Now $79.00