DDF Discoloration Reversal Moisturizer
Was $63.00 Now $44.10
DDF's first overnight discoloration moisturizer effectively hydrates skin during the nighttime sleep cycle to help reduce the appearance of melanin build up, and helps to achieve younger looking skin.
DDF Advanced Firming Cream
Was $130.00 Now $91.00
Restore a youthful appearance at any age by repairing damage at the skin’s surface. This nighttime age reversing cream provides nutrients and skin conditioning properties to help turn back the damage that time has left behind.
DDF Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew
Was $42.00 Now $29.40
Dr. Howard Sobel’s #1 Best Selling moisturizer is an ultra-rich, emollient moisturizer that is easily absorbed into the skin. This non-greasy, anti-oxidant rich moisturizing lotion fights free radicals and helps restore moisture for a more youthful look. Ideal for all skin types including sensitive and blemish prone skin.
DDF Clarifying Hydrator
Was $44.00 Now $30.80
Lightweight lotion for perfectly balanced hydration and skin clarity.
DDF Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimizer (Moisturizing Se...
Was $85.00 Now $59.50
Best Selling pore minimizer and wrinkle fighting moisturizing serum with DDF dual-phase technology for instant and long-term wrinkle and pore benefits.
DDF Pro-Retinol Complex 3 Moisturizer
Was $65.00 Now $45.50
A RE-vitalizing, RE-texturizing & RE-storing moisturizer that harnesses the power of Retinol, Vitamin C and Niacinamide (B3) to help minimize the appearance of lines & wrinkles, even skin tone and provide a healthy youthful glow.
DDF Skin Hydra Duo Set
Was $25.00 Now $17.50
Out of Stock
Two of DDF and Dr. Sobel’s best-selling products brought together for the first time in one travel set!
  • Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimizer Moisturizing Serum 0.5 fl.oz.
  • Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew 1 fl. oz.
a $50.00 VALUE
DDF Ageless Anti-Aging Preventative Starter Set
Was $49.00 Now $34.30
This 4-pc set is designed to minimize fine lines & wrinkles and improve skin’s texture for a more healthy, youthful look.
DDF AGE-less Anti-Aging Sensitive Skin Starter Set
Was $44.00 Now $30.80
This daily starter set includes four of Dr. Sobel’s most coveted anti-aging formulas for Sensitive Skin types.
Blemish Foaming Cleanser & Clarifying Hydrator DUO
Was $83.00 Now $45.00
Dr. Sobel’s Customer Favorite BLEMISH FOAMING CLEANSER is back in stock and for a limited time, we are pairing it with the incomparable CLARIFYING HYDRATOR for summer skin that’s blemish-free & moisturized with a matte finish.