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DDF Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimizer (Moisturizing Serum)

Best Selling pore minimizer and wrinkle fighting moisturizing serum with DDF dual-phase technology for instant and long-term wrinkle and pore benefits.




BOTOX IN A BOTTLE! August 17, 2015
I call this Botox in a bottle! It lifts firms and tightens and seals on the moisture in my skin. Works great on days without makeup and is a fabulous primer under makeup! It is non greasy, lightweight and makes my skin dewy and vibrant again... I like it because it is a dual product and you get the benefits of serum with corrective properties as well as surge of hydration all in one!
YOU HAD BOTOX! January 09, 2016
That's what my daughter said to me about a month after I started using DDF Serum. My skin looked so clear & alive. She kept accusing me of have botox or a face lift. I agree, my skin looks beautiful. I have basically good skin for a 69 year old, but I'm still 69. So many products dull the skin. With DDF Serum I am glowing.
Amazing July 13, 2016
After reading these reviews, I thought that my great looking skin had to be from the sample I received that I have been using for a few months. I kept thinking it was my imagination, but it must be the product. I am definitely going to purchase.
Love this!!!! October 23, 2016
I had read about it being an alternative to try before using botox. I have been using it for over six months, and sort of thought my 11 lines between my eye brows looked better, then two weeks ago I ran out of product and it was sold out, unable to order until now. However, during this time I realized my 11's began to come back strong. If I thought this product wasn't working, I now have my own proof. Counting the days untill I receive it again.
Wonderful! September 23, 2017
I came across this product last fall and have been using it ever since! My 33rd birthday is next week and I have been doing anti aging skincare since my 20's. Everyone still says I look 21 and I truly believe it has to do with preventative aging skincare routines. This product has replaced my daily moisturizer. My skin is very picky and this suits me very well.